Grains and Lentils – Fully Cooked, IQF

Even with grains like quinoa, couscous, or bulgur with buckwheat and lentils precooked to the point, Ebrofrost is regarded as one of the leading system suppliers for manufacturers of stir-fry/ ready-made dishes and restaurant chains. We purchase our products from the best areas of cultivation. All articles are individually quick frozen.

Therefore, they can be processed according to our customers’ needs. By request, we pack them up in portion bags at 30 to 300 g, which can be printed with the logos of our customers. With these portioned products, restaurant chain owners save time, because precooking and portioning are dispensed with. They optimize the workflows, shorten the waiting times for the guests down to a minimum, guarantee the best possible hygienic standards, and avoid food waste.

Customers use our products to develop innovative articles resp. dishes, even for consumers or guests who want to eat vegetarian-vegan, whole grain products or depend on a gluten-free diet. Therefore, they score with them with unprecedented taste adventures, unusual textures, and a strong attention-getting optic. After the final cooking at home or in restaurant chains, the consistency and aroma of our grains and lentils are as just cooked.


Quinoa is a flavorful, healthy and versatile ingredient, dating back to the Incas, this grain/seed is still grown in Bolivia and Peru. The small round grains are pale brown in colour. The taste is mild, and the texture firm and slightly chewy, when cooked the grains sweeten and become translucent, ringed with white.

Whole Barley

Ebrofrost produces a large range of whole grain products from wheat, barley, oats to organic spelt. Especially our whole barley is very popular. In collaboration with our customers we are able to find the right grain to create a great base for your new and innovative meal.

Whole red football Lentils

The lentil plant (Lens Culinaris) originates from Asia and North Africa and is one of our oldest sources of food. The red lentil is ideal for currys, dals and stuffing as well as a side dish. Ebrofrost is able to produce a broad range of lentils going from red, brown, green to Beluga lentils.